The Project

Bender is a humanoid service robot from the University of Chile, designed for human-robot interaction at home-like environments. Using a wide set of capabilities like showing emotions, face recognition and voice synthesis/recognition Bender can interact with people. Futhermore, he can recognize and manipulate objects, navigate through dinamic environments avoiding obstacles in order to help with basic tasks at home.

It was created by Uchile Homebreakers Team in 2007, at the Robotics laboratory from the Electric Engineering Department. And once a year he participates in the international robotics competition Robocup. He has reach the 5th place among 24 teams and thanks to his habilities in showing emotions he has won the innovation award in 2007 and 2008.

Now, the team is working for the incoming competitions and give talks in different schools and Universities in Chile as an effort to spread the robotics field among students.